Product Introduction

HOBOT-388 is a window cleaning robot carrying the new patented ultrasonic water spray nozzle that can nebulize water to 15μm mists then sprays it evenly on the glass like the effect of human exhales on the glass. Benefited from a vacuum motor inside, two specially-design cleaning wheels and microfiber cloth, HOBOT-388 can freely move on window surfaces indoors and outdoors to polish the dust away. While the screw-in DC power jack design can avoid losing power, the embedded UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) can prevent the robot from falling off the window, even keep the device for 20-minutes if the power cord is disconnected. Furthermore, HOBOT-388 has AI Technology used for drawing human intelligence for achieving a high cleaning performance.

Product Features

  • Designed for glass in any thickness
  • AI Technology S2.1
  • Ultrasonic water spray
  • Cleaning speed: 2.4 min/m²
  • 3 automatic operation modes for cleaning the entire window
  • Stops automatically upon completion of cleaning
  • Embedded UPS (Uninterrupted Power System)
  • Anti-falling control algorithm
  • Laser sensors for edge detection on frameless windows
  • Auto-detects edges of window
  • Extra secure DC power connector
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Remote/App control

How to Clean the Glass

1. “Dry Clean” first

  • Turn off the water spray and put on a clean and dry cleaning cloth to wipe dust and dirt off the glass.
  • If there is water or detergent on the cloth or glass, the muddy misture of the moisture, dust and dirt will make the cleaning results bad.
  • Please use HOBOT on sunny days or days with low humidity for best results.
  • Don’t use HOBOT on rainy or high humidity days to avoid leaving water molecules streaks.

2. “Wet Clean” later

Use another clean and dry cleaning cloth, and turn on ultrasonic spray or spray small amount of detergent or water on the cloth to clean the glass again.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power System)

  • The UPS supplys power during power outage. The backup time of the UPS is 20 mins.
  • HOBOT will stop automatically, play alert, and flash red and blue light. Please take down HOBOT from the glass as soon as possible.
  • The safety rope can be used to pull HOBOT back. Gently pull the safety rope at an angle close to the glass to avoid it from falling.