Vacuum-Mop Robot
Vacuum-Mop Robot
Product Details

HOBOT Exclusive Patent License

LEGEE Smart Navigation Technology

The intelligence navigation technology exclusively exploited by LEGEE.
It carries out the navigation through the three long lasers in the front.

Position Estimation

Four Cleaning Routes

Zigzag Cleaning
Wall-Follow Cleaning
Spot Cleaning
Auto Cleaning

Optimized AUTO Cleaning Route

To optimize the cleaning coverage in larger spaces, LEGEE will divide the area to 4.4×4.4 m² and proceed Zigzag Cleaning accordingly, then finish up with Wall-Follow Cleaning mode.

HOBOT Exclusive Patent License

FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning

Tangle Free Design

Use cloth to mop the floor and scrape off the dust instead a roller which tangles and hard to clean.

Corner Cleaning


D-shaped + long side brush
Go deeper into corner

Other Brands

Round-shaped design
Blind corner

Narrow Space Cleaning


The side brush is stretched out 4 cm from device. Side brush can reach the narrow space under the cabinet and sweep along wall edges.

Other Brands

Round-shaped design
Reach the narrow space: 0 cm

AI Smart Spray

Temperature controlled AI smart spray allows just enough water to dissolve the stains without leaving the water residue behind.

Microfiber Mopping Cloth

Absorbs the dissolved stains efficiently and leaves nothing behind.

Safety First

Smart Spray + Microfiber mopping cloth = No water mark.

Fluid Mechanics Improved Suction Head

Carved deflector to collect not only large objects in bean size but also fine ash like flour, LEGEE leaves nothing behind.

Nidec Brushless DC Motor and Metal Fan

High-efficiency brushless DC motor and metal fan bring long life expectancy, high durability and low noise.

Li-ion Battery

High reliability and durability.

Trash Capacity

500 ml Large Trash bin. Trash bin with handle, trash does not fall out accidentally.

500 ml
Maintenance Reminder

Two Layers Filter

User-friendly Side Brush

Care in ease, one-hand detachable side brush.

Caterpillar Belts


Caterpillar belt design, no slipping
Residual water after mopping: Very few

Other Brands

Round wheel design, easy to slip
Residual water after mopping: More

Suitable on Different Hard Floorings

Not affected by the floor color.







Charging Station

4M IR detection to guide LEGEE to charging station, LEGEE will be able to return to the charging station automatically in case LEGEE is moved (within 5 cm.)

Laser Cliff Sensors

There are 2 cliff lasers under the front edge of device for edge and cliff detection.

Water Tank
Maintenance Reminder
Water Tank Cleaning area Portion
Noise Level

At 1 meter