Established in June 2010, HOBOT Technology Inc. was founded by Mr. Chao. With deep engagement in developing robotic cleaning products and multi-nation patents owned, HOBOT is one of the leading brands in Smart Home Appliance Industry.
Backed by the high-technology insight, HOBOT regards “MAKE YOUR HOME SMARTER” as a core value. HOBOT not only actively adopts the concept of Smart Home and IoT into its product lines; with high flexibility and efficiency, HOBOT also shares long-term and stable partnership with the customers.
Framed by groups of elites from research and development, manufacturing, business, and marketing fields, HOBOT has steadily grown strong and brought “HOBOT” and “LEGEE” to more than 30 countries around the world.

Brand History

The initial idea of a Window Cleaning Robot was born when Mr. Chao (George) was exhausted by the chores of cleaning big window.
As a Laser Disc technology expert who led a team to design the first CD-RW Players and Recorder, George not only has the vision and enthusiasm to make people’s lives better but also the capability to put the idea into practice.
Within years, HOBOT has continuously built up the portfolio with more advanced products and expended the sales territory to more than 30 countries around the world, earning the applause from the global consumers.

Innovation and R&D

Rooted in the world-famous high-tech clusters, HOBOT’s mechanism, software, and industrial design teams collaborate on transforming the ideas into practical products. Since the introduction of “HOBOT Window Cleaning Robots” and “LEGEE Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robots” to the market, HOBOT has successfully become one of the leading brands in the home appliance industry.
With members not only from comprehensive leading companies of different high-tech industries across CD players, digital cameras, smartphones, electronic consumer goods and embedded Linux/Windows, but the champions of WorldSkills robotic, HOBOT team takes the inspiration from chores, integrating bionics technology, electronic engineering and mechanical design to make robotic cleaning products. HOBOT is devoted to provide the best product and good service through relentless tests and hard works.

Made in Taiwan

HOBOT product are all CE/FCC certified. From material sourcing to product assembling and packaging, HOBOT’s suppliers are mostly Taiwan based and the products are 100% assembled in Taiwan. All the components must pass strict inspections before assembly.
HOBOT entrusts assembling works to quality and IOS9001 certificated assembling lines with well-trained operators. They all play a supportive role in HOBOT’s high-quality and reliable reputation.