HOBOT Technology Inc. is a Taiwan-based company specialized in designing and making robotic cleaning products founded in 2010 by George Chao. Our product lines today, including the HOBOT Window Cleaning Robots and the LEGEE Vacuum Mop Robots, are selling in more than 30 countries worldwide. Dedicated to the mission, “MAKE YOUR HOME SMARTER,” HOBOT has put continuous effort into developing proprietary technologies; today, the company holds patents in various countries and has received numerous global awards. By integrating IoT and smart home technology, HOBOT engineers are building practical and innovative products that redefine the way people clean. HOBOT is comprised of talented professionals across R&D, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. We are focused on a strategy of growth, and seek long-term partnerships with the clients.

Brand History

HOBOT was founded in June 2010, by George Chao, who had a vision of changing the way people clean their homes. Exhausted from cleaning large glass windows, George wanted to build a cleaning robot that could free human hands from tedious chores. As a Laserdisc expert who had led a team to design Taiwan’s first CD-RW player and recorder, George put his experience and knowledge into practice and successfully leads HOBOT team to bring great innovations to the market.
Currently, HOBOT has around 10 active models on the market, including the HOBOT Window Cleaning Robots that come in both round and square type, and the LEGEE Vacuum Mop 4-in-1 Robots. With innovative design concepts and cutting-edge technologies, HOBOT products have gained attention from customers overseas and the company has now expanded its global footprint to more than 30 countries.

Innovation and R&D

Innovation lies at the heart of HOBOT’s product designs, and the 3 collaborative units within our R&D team—mechanical design, software design, and industrial design—bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to transform ideas into reality. Our R&D members include professionals from the top three IC design companies, winners of World Skills Mobile Robotics, and experts from diverse fields across the tech industry, including CD players, digital cameras, smartphones, and embedded Linux/Windows consumer electronics. We take a consistent approach to combine daily inspirations with biomimicry concepts, seeking to provide the best products and services through ongoing hard work and dedication.

Made in Taiwan

From material sourcing to product assembling and packaging, HOBOT products are 100% manufactured in Taiwan. While our key suppliers are all based in Taiwan, every component must pass strict inspections before assembly. The assembly work is entrusted to ISO9001 certificated assembly plants with well-trained operators and all the HOBOT products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified. HOBOT is committed to delivering safe and high-quality products to our customers.