強力吸附 粉塵細灰無所遁形
Brush Away Any Particles

A powerful vacuum makes HOBOT-268 stand on the surface of the glass;meanwhile, it sucks out the dust and removes the impurities. In addition, micro-fiber cleaning cloth can wipe partial dust off the glass.

雷射測距 輕鬆駕馭無框玻璃

The laser sensor is used for measuring distance and height, which enable measure precise distance while the robot freely works on frameless windows.

Safety Design

  • Embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System) prevents the robot from falling while there is no electric power supply.
  • Anti-falling controls algorithm.
  • Automatically detects obstacles and window frames.
  • High strength safety rope (150 Kgf).

Efficient movements

Two caterpillar treads are attached to HOBOT-268 which are quick to move at 12cm per second. To be precise, the robot cleans one square meter in 2.4 minutes.

氣動刷盤 完美適應粗糙表面

An auto-adjustable pneumatic pad automatically controls the driving force and keeps the force between caterpillar treads and cleaning cloth in proportion, so extremely dirty glass surface does not interrupt HOBOT-268′ s task of cleaning the whole window and make it slippery.

Working on Multi-Surface

HOBOT-268 uses a high volume, centrifugal pump which does not lower its pressure easily even if there is a small leakage;it can move well on different surfaces.

Coating Glass
Reflection Glass
Engraved Flass / Rough Glass


  • 可擦任何厚度的玻璃。
  • AI Technology S1.0
  • 清潔速度:每平方公尺2.4分鐘。
  • 三種方向的自動模式,自動清潔全窗。
  • 擦拭完成自動停止。
  • 內建不斷電系統(UPS),斷電時可維持20分鐘電力。
  • 可使用於無窗框玻璃。
  • 防掉落控制演算法
  • 自動偵測窗框
  • 超細纖維清潔布。
  • 高拉力安全繩 (150 Kgf) 與不銹鋼釦環
  • 遙控器
  • 功率:72W
  • 電源:100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • 重量:1280g